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So far friends have a big role in my life. I have my friends who live right next door to me, others I see by going to church, and most of my friends I see at school. But what amazes my mom and dad is that I have adult and teen friends. It’s not hard at all to make new friends, including adults (unless it’s your mom on a bad day) and bonus if you’re friendly. And sometimes you can make new friends just by writing a letter. Right now I’m a pen pal with girl named Elizabeth Ahavior from Ghana.

To the left are all my neighborhood friends enjoying snow in February 2011. I also have a friend (Zachary Kushabar) who was so inspired by my blog, he made one of his own!

So to all my friends, family , and the rest of the world (if you’re reading this), may the Peace of Christ be with you.


A Sibling’s Guide to being the Bigger Person

My Brother & me
Enjoying a quiet moment with my brother

Look, I didn’t want a sibling – not to mention a younger one! But I got one anyway. Why? It was GOD’s plan for me. It might be for you too. Most kids my age think a sibling is a p-a-i-n, and at times, I agree. But think of everybody who wants a sibling but didn’t get one. For them, loneliness. I mean a pet and cousins are one thing but no one to talk to, or amuse each other on road trips, so, consider your sibling, younger  or older than you a blessing from the LORD.

My little brother can be uncontrollable at times – kicking, punching, etc. – but he’s willing to forgive me. At times I wonder – do I really deserve this brother — good times and bad?

Being the older kid is a hard job, even at an older age. Sometimes, I just want to throw my brother out a window, into a tree, he CAN BE SOOO ANNOYING!

But then I pray to GOD and ask Him to help me and tell Him how frustrated I am. He hears me.

Sometimes he lets events in my life fold out, other times, choppy and uneven events happen that cause me to wonder: GOD do you hear me? But he always does, no matter what. He hears you so talk to him, tell Him what’s on your mind. You can always rely on GOD.

With Him, anything is possible.

Music to My Ears

“No Rose, you’re playing the wrong note” said Mrs .Heidi on a chilly afternoon.Rose scowled .If only she could play the clarinet as well as Alison or her sisters, Jordan and Chelsie.After her clarinet lesson,Rose helped her mom rake up leaves  to clean their patio.”Oh” said Rose,picking up a pretty burnette leaf”how pretty”. Mrs.Delano nodded her head and smiled.”How about this one?”Rose said .”Very  cute”Mrs. Delano agreed,holding a golden  leaf up to her eyes.”It’s like us”Mrs.Delano commented .”What?” Rose asked ,completely bewildered .”Well, we all are different shapes,sizes,and very different talents” explained Mrs.Delano”but that dosen’t mean  God won’t pay any attention to us, whatever we do, we’re all music to God’s ears .”

The Forgotten Football

When Leslie entered her brother’s room,she saw Luke
searching for his football next to his closet.”Why are you
searching there?”she asked him.”Well that’s where I last found it
“Luke replied.”Check under your bed”Leslie said.Grumbling ,Luke
checked.There his football sat!”How did you know?”he asked.”Well
Jesus came to Earth in an unexpected way,so… But Luke had already
hugged her.

Fantasy’s First Flight


“Becca , are you ready?” Ms. Erin asked. Becca nodded.

Becca knew her horse Fantasy wouldn’t fail her, but still she felt throat go dry.  She knew she had to trust God for Him to help her.

As she asked Fantasy to go over her first jump, Fantasy launched himself into the air as she leaned forward and then they hit the ground.

She thought, “God helped me.”  After all, it was fun!



The Forgetful Lightsaber

Melisa, Ruth and Mark were playing with lightsabers. Mom had said they could, but said be careful. “Ruth duck” Melissa called and Ruth ducked. “You’re slow” Melissa taunted. “Ruth is 6 and you still didn’t get her and you’re ten.” Mark was angry so he swung hard and his lightsaber hit Melissa hard in the face. She fell down crying. Just then Mom rushed out and said “What happened?” “Mark hit me” Melissa said crying. “Melissa taunted me – she said I was slower than a six year old,” said Mark. “Mark, Melissa both of you need to judge your actions”, Mom said as she handed Ruth a cookie.

– Taylor

The Text Book Cover

The Text Book Cover

Callie frowned at her old wornout textbook for a second before asking her mom, “Mom, why can’t I get a book cover to hide my text book cover, I mean, everyone has one.” Mom paused, then answered her daughter. “Maybe you don’t get it.” “Get what?” Callie demanded. “It’s like Gods word, Callie and would you hide it?” Mom said. “How about instead of covering up Gods word you spread it?” “Hunh?” Callie asked then caught on “Oh like my textbook right – thanks Mom” and disappeared into her room.

– Taylor