How to Survive High School

How to succeed in school? The answer:impossible.gif

While I was searching for this gif, my classmates launched into a huge debate about how “gif” is pronounced. I think it has a ‘g’ sound because it is not jolden retriever or joat. It is golden retriever and goat because it starts with a G. I asked my english teacher and she wasn’t sure, either. So the big debate is still happening. English is so confusing.

i give up.gif

With out of school activities and also trying to make plans and such, I find it so difficult to keep track of everything. I practically carry a calendar with me everywhere. And even by the time Friday arrives, I am drained and spend the entire weekend rejuvenating. It seems to be a never ending cycle…

Luckily, I have some tips to make the dreaded process easier. Many of these tips are obvious but hopefully you gain some new knowledge.

  1. Have the essentials. Your geometry class requires a protractor? Get it. You have a teacher obsessed with using pens? Get pens. You can save the fun ones for other classes, but heaven forbid you give your English teacher a worksheet filled in with sparkling green ink. Don’t even go there. school supplies.gif
  2. Organization. This will help you so so so much! I happen to be a neat freak myself, and I advocate this quality to be a big help.
  3. Hoard everything. Just do. When time passes by, and you need your syllabus or a section of notes from last semester, you will be the one to have it! This also gets you brownie points with your teachers 😉
  4. Keep a schedule. Write it down in a planner, calendar, sticky notes, anywhere you will remember to look back on. I have a planner and calendar to stay focused on dates of projects and activities. Before I go to bed and when I wake up, I make sure to have everything I need with me for the next day.
  5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I know, it’s the spawn of Satan, but just do it. No matter how bored you are, just take five minutes to study for each class and set out a larger time to do homework because that usually takes more time.i need help.gif
  6. If you need help, get it. It’s the job of the teachers to answer your questions. If you feel like there is no one there to help you, there usually is. Chances are your parents made it through high school and college and they did so *gasp* without Google! I still don’t know how they managed, but if they can, so can you. You literally have the world at your fingertips.
  7. Set out everything you need the night before. Make sure that your clothes are set out because the mad scramble to find a shirt is not worth it in the morning. Heck, I’m lucky to be wearing matching socks on my good morning days. Check that your calculator and any other electronic devices are charged enough to last you throughout the day, and bring a charger to school just to be safe.
  8. Go to bed at a decent time. I get it, there are the “oh shoot” nights when you forgot to finish that research paper, but overall, sleep actually does improve your mental performance. wake up sp.gif
  9. Be kind and humble at school. Peers sometimes are rude, and teachers can be mean, but try to be friendly at first. If this doesn’t work, do let a trusted adult know because you are at school to better the future generations and make huge improvements in the world. YOU could be the scientist to find the cure to cancer. YOU could help achieve world peace. YOU can be the one to do great things. Don’t tolerate other people telling you ‘you can’t.’ But at the same time, avoid gloating. Humility is a very positive virtue to have, and modesty can get to further in life than being pompous and arrogant.
  10. Learn that appearance IS NOT everything. I hate to be the one to say it, but school is not about how you look. I am just appalled that some people treat it like a beauty competition when it’s not. Great, you want to be Miss America? Please, focus on expanding your knowledge so you don’t embarrass yourself in the speaking division of America’s Next Top Model. School is for you to learn. Once you stop worrying so much about your appearance, you find yourself with much more time for more important things, like maintaining good grades. Speaking of grades, remember that numbers on a piece of paper DO NOT define you. At all. Your intelligence is so much more than how you did on an eighth grade pop quiz. Colleges know that, too. You can do fantastic things and it doesn’t matter if you bombed a test. Learn from your mistakes. Fight harder. It will be worth it.

youll be fine.gif

You can survive through school. But don’t just survive. Make friends, learn new things, be apart of clubs. How can you benefit from the world? How can you help the world?






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