Southern Snow Days

Now I know what you’re thinking: really? Snow in the south?

And my response is:


I refer to these “snow” days as ice days because it is all ice. I haven’t seen actual snow in South Carolina for a while.

But hey, my school was pretty pumped about the potential for snow. A day before it even snowed and they were like:


Snow Ice day count in SC: 1 day. One day of snow annoying ice that makes it physically impossible to get relatively anywhere. At all. So while I’m stuck inside with cabin fever, I devised a list of things to do when roughing it outside is less than approachable.

1. Be productive.

“Oh, honey, you didn’t do the reading because we had a snow day? Have fun on my pop quiz,” sincerely, all the teachers who don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of education. In my case, the next time I come back to work or school, they expect me to have completed my assignments and have them ready. So I take out a portion of my time to… *exasperated sigh* yes, complete my homework. I know it may be a little extreme, but I wouldn’t want to fail a class because of a snow day. So don’t let that be an option. Do homework. Thank me later.

2. Read a book.

Books are the best way to spend free time. Especially when the weather is yucky, it can be quite convenient to escape into a well devised story of a fantastic book. Some of my go-to’s include Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. But it is your choice.

3. Watch a movie.

I will happily admit that on many ice days in the past, I find myself holed up inside watching a movie. Movies are also a fun alternative to books and distract from the disgusting weather. That’s good enough for me.

4. Make a warm pick-me-up.

Herbal tea, hot chocolate, chili, soup. Any of these on a snow day are instant satisfaction. I swear, no one has actually lived properly until they have tried sea salt caramel or peppermint hot chocolate. The weather is being funky, so you should mix up your drink choices as well.

5. Use time to deliberate on what you may need as backup incase power lines freeze over.

I know that up north there is less of a risk of this happening, but down here where y’all and sweet tea is the basis of life, power lines are easily manipulated. Easily. So be positive to have everything needed incase something horrid like that happens: flashlight, blankets, hand warmers, patience, etc. Shall I emphasize the patience?

6. Indoor Exercise

Oh, the horror! Yes, I know and totally agree, but all the chocolate chip cookies I consume (sorry you had to find out this way mom) need to be burned off somehow. I refuse to let the weather stop me. So a treadmill would be practical, but if that is not present in your house, there are plenty of workout videos on YouTube and fitness apps that are free! Free as in no money! So get up and get active! Maybe. I don’t blame you if that’s not your top priority. Just focus on surviving this awful weather. Workout when you are safe.

Well, I’m off to do items 2-4 right now. Hope you have great ice and/or snow days, and be careful out there. It could be dangerous.

Brace yourself

Irony: today is the 151th birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the guy who invented Scoville scale to measure the heat of chillies. It happens to be freezing outside so I guess it’s only proper to spice things up.


So, shout out to Wilbur for being 100000x braver than I am. My dad, whose heat tolerance is drastically higher than mine about anyone’s, can thank him for knowing which peppers to consume on a daily basis.

Fun fact: if you go on Google today, there is an interactive game you can play to help defeat the evil chillies as a lovable triple scoop ice cream ❤






2 thoughts on “Southern Snow Days”

    1. Thanks so much to the read! Hope you and your family stay warm and safe, the weather is quite unpredictable now :/

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