2016: New Year, New Goals

I was nine when I started blogging. I wrote a handful of stories about things only I would want read about.

My writing recently resurfaced a few weeks ago, coincidentally when I was debating on what my New Year resolutions were going to be. Unlike my futile resolution to run more often, (hey coach, please don’t hate me) I decided to put forth effort into blogging.

The writing was rough for me to read, because I figured out my grammar was actually awful, but I had to remind myself that I was young and made a lot of mistakes. However, I realized that no matter my grammar, I felt drawn to writing, and how easily it is for me to simply communicate my feelings. So I did. And I started to write again.

Another source that motivated me to start blogging again are my parents. They both really wanted me to start writing online, so with their help, I finally did!

My mom has this really marvelous blog that she does, and it is really incredible to see how much dedication she puts into it. However, it also showed me that a lot of effort and time has to go into a blog to make it great.

My dad is, hands down, the most avid computer geek I have ever met, but it’s actually quite a blessing because he improves all the tech around the house. He especially helped me renovate and edit the site. 

So thanks to my parents, my biggest supporters, because without their help, I would not be blogging. And thanks to anyone who reads my posts, I appreciate it!

Until the next time,


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