So far friends have a big role in my life. I have my friends who live right next door to me, others I see by going to church, and most of my friends I see at school. But what amazes my mom and dad is that I have adult and teen friends. It’s not hard at all to make new friends, including adults (unless it’s your mom on a bad day) and bonus if you’re friendly. And sometimes you can make new friends just by writing a letter. Right now I’m a pen pal with girl named Elizabeth Ahavior from Ghana.

To the left are all my neighborhood friends enjoying snow in February 2011. I also have a friend (Zachary Kushabar) who was so inspired by my blog, he made one of his own!

So to all my friends, family , and the rest of the world (if you’re reading this), may the Peace of Christ be with you.


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