A Sibling’s Guide to being the Bigger Person

My Brother & me
Enjoying a quiet moment with my brother

Look, I didn’t want a sibling – not to mention a younger one! But I got one anyway. Why? It was GOD’s plan for me. It might be for you too. Most kids my age think a sibling is a p-a-i-n, and at times, I agree. But think of everybody who wants a sibling but didn’t get one. For them, loneliness. I mean a pet and cousins are one thing but no one to talk to, or amuse each other on road trips, so, consider your sibling, younger  or older than you a blessing from the LORD.

My little brother can be uncontrollable at times – kicking, punching, etc. – but he’s willing to forgive me. At times I wonder – do I really deserve this brother — good times and bad?

Being the older kid is a hard job, even at an older age. Sometimes, I just want to throw my brother out a window, into a tree, he CAN BE SOOO ANNOYING!

But then I pray to GOD and ask Him to help me and tell Him how frustrated I am. He hears me.

Sometimes he lets events in my life fold out, other times, choppy and uneven events happen that cause me to wonder: GOD do you hear me? But he always does, no matter what. He hears you so talk to him, tell Him what’s on your mind. You can always rely on GOD.

With Him, anything is possible.

2 thoughts on “A Sibling’s Guide to being the Bigger Person”

  1. Hi Taylor its Alix .M. trust me I know were your coming from. Siblings
    can be a pain, but they are a gift from GOD and it is o.k. to respect
    that. I realy think the punching and kicking is extremly anoying. I don’t
    know how you can go a day without hiting him back. Now I have known
    you for a long time and I know how much you would like to hit him back, but you still try your hardest not to and that is what makes you such a good big sister.

    Alixandrea Matheny

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