Music to My Ears

“No Rose, you’re playing the wrong note” said Mrs .Heidi on a chilly afternoon.Rose scowled .If only she could play the clarinet as well as Alison or her sisters, Jordan and Chelsie.After her clarinet lesson,Rose helped her mom rake up leaves  to clean their patio.”Oh” said Rose,picking up a pretty burnette leaf”how pretty”. Mrs.Delano nodded her head and smiled.”How about this one?”Rose said .”Very  cute”Mrs. Delano agreed,holding a golden  leaf up to her eyes.”It’s like us”Mrs.Delano commented .”What?” Rose asked ,completely bewildered .”Well, we all are different shapes,sizes,and very different talents” explained Mrs.Delano”but that dosen’t mean  God won’t pay any attention to us, whatever we do, we’re all music to God’s ears .”

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