Valentine’s Day

Welcome to the wonderful and nonexistent love life that is mine. Don’t believe me? Well here’s a list of my Valentine’s day agenda:

  1. nap session with my puppy
  2. binge watching on Netflix
  3. see how many Valentines posts on Instagram that I can ignore
  4. listening to happy songs on Spotify
  5. going out with my best friend
  6. “going out”=going to the barn to see our horses
  7. jam out session to Single Ladies


So, as you can see, I have gotten the routine down to a “T.”

Being single on Valentines day is no epic feat. It is like being single ever other day of the year. There is no reason to do anything different. Just live your life. Tell your loved ones that you love them.

And you don’t have to have a significant other to celebrate valentine’s day.

Just lay some love on your family and friends who have always been there for you. You don’t need to love someone romantically to be complete or happy.

And you certainly don’t need a S/O to buy the discount chocolate February 15th.


You are a strong, independent person who happens to be in love with chocolate and pizza and puppies. Or is that just me?

Well, there are some good things to come from being single.For example, independence. You gain a sense of empowerment. You realize you can live without the other gender romantically. And you’re a single pringle, baby! Ready to mingle 😉

Or, if not, kudos to you for being in a happy relationship.

Just celebrate Valentine’s day with your loved one’s and have a good time doing so.

If you think I don’t have a life, I am here to inform you that you are probably right but I actually do have plans.

But even if I didn’t have plans…




How to Survive High School

How to succeed in school? The answer:impossible.gif

While I was searching for this gif, my classmates launched into a huge debate about how “gif” is pronounced. I think it has a ‘g’ sound because it is not jolden retriever or joat. It is golden retriever and goat because it starts with a G. I asked my english teacher and she wasn’t sure, either. So the big debate is still happening. English is so confusing.

i give up.gif

With out of school activities and also trying to make plans and such, I find it so difficult to keep track of everything. I practically carry a calendar with me everywhere. And even by the time Friday arrives, I am drained and spend the entire weekend rejuvenating. It seems to be a never ending cycle…

Luckily, I have some tips to make the dreaded process easier. Many of these tips are obvious but hopefully you gain some new knowledge.

  1. Have the essentials. Your geometry class requires a protractor? Get it. You have a teacher obsessed with using pens? Get pens. You can save the fun ones for other classes, but heaven forbid you give your English teacher a worksheet filled in with sparkling green ink. Don’t even go there. school supplies.gif
  2. Organization. This will help you so so so much! I happen to be a neat freak myself, and I advocate this quality to be a big help.
  3. Hoard everything. Just do. When time passes by, and you need your syllabus or a section of notes from last semester, you will be the one to have it! This also gets you brownie points with your teachers 😉
  4. Keep a schedule. Write it down in a planner, calendar, sticky notes, anywhere you will remember to look back on. I have a planner and calendar to stay focused on dates of projects and activities. Before I go to bed and when I wake up, I make sure to have everything I need with me for the next day.
  5. DO YOUR HOMEWORK. I know, it’s the spawn of Satan, but just do it. No matter how bored you are, just take five minutes to study for each class and set out a larger time to do homework because that usually takes more time.i need help.gif
  6. If you need help, get it. It’s the job of the teachers to answer your questions. If you feel like there is no one there to help you, there usually is. Chances are your parents made it through high school and college and they did so *gasp* without Google! I still don’t know how they managed, but if they can, so can you. You literally have the world at your fingertips.
  7. Set out everything you need the night before. Make sure that your clothes are set out because the mad scramble to find a shirt is not worth it in the morning. Heck, I’m lucky to be wearing matching socks on my good morning days. Check that your calculator and any other electronic devices are charged enough to last you throughout the day, and bring a charger to school just to be safe.
  8. Go to bed at a decent time. I get it, there are the “oh shoot” nights when you forgot to finish that research paper, but overall, sleep actually does improve your mental performance. wake up sp.gif
  9. Be kind and humble at school. Peers sometimes are rude, and teachers can be mean, but try to be friendly at first. If this doesn’t work, do let a trusted adult know because you are at school to better the future generations and make huge improvements in the world. YOU could be the scientist to find the cure to cancer. YOU could help achieve world peace. YOU can be the one to do great things. Don’t tolerate other people telling you ‘you can’t.’ But at the same time, avoid gloating. Humility is a very positive virtue to have, and modesty can get to further in life than being pompous and arrogant.
  10. Learn that appearance IS NOT everything. I hate to be the one to say it, but school is not about how you look. I am just appalled that some people treat it like a beauty competition when it’s not. Great, you want to be Miss America? Please, focus on expanding your knowledge so you don’t embarrass yourself in the speaking division of America’s Next Top Model. School is for you to learn. Once you stop worrying so much about your appearance, you find yourself with much more time for more important things, like maintaining good grades. Speaking of grades, remember that numbers on a piece of paper DO NOT define you. At all. Your intelligence is so much more than how you did on an eighth grade pop quiz. Colleges know that, too. You can do fantastic things and it doesn’t matter if you bombed a test. Learn from your mistakes. Fight harder. It will be worth it.

youll be fine.gif

You can survive through school. But don’t just survive. Make friends, learn new things, be apart of clubs. How can you benefit from the world? How can you help the world?







You thought I was done with acronyms? Think again.

Flying fast fun filled February (props for alliteration) is coming to you.

You’re welcome.



Yes. Just yes.

Oh you thought I was talking about real friends? Not the tv show? You’re funny.

I actually do have friends. Imaginary ones.

just kidding.gif


Go ahead. Call me a hippie. I am 110% serious about this one.

tree hug.gif



Need I say more?


I only require four gifs to summarize my love life cycle:

  1. Realizing I am single.

lonely valentines

2. Realizing that a boyfriend won’t make me satisfied


3. Placing my faith in PIZZA ❤ ❤ ❤


Because PIZZA is

never gonna rick rolled.gif



Here you go. The cutest gif of Stitch playing a ukulele. Words that begin with “U” are hard to find and harder to make logical sense. So I didn’t bother.



I will not procrastinate. I will not procrastinate. I will not… starting tomorrow.

I actually procrastinated in writing this leading me to use ‘anti’.


running is a waste.gif

Wellll… I am planning on running. Refer to Anti-procrastination


why DW.gif

Y as in whY must so many months include a “y”?! Actually only four do, but it is really hard to find words that start with y. Serious. I also may be partially slacking off because my parents are trying to get me to go to bed on time. Hehe oops.

Anyways, that is it! Look out for my Valentines day post and also the next month: March!



Southern Snow Days

Now I know what you’re thinking: really? Snow in the south?

And my response is:


I refer to these “snow” days as ice days because it is all ice. I haven’t seen actual snow in South Carolina for a while.

But hey, my school was pretty pumped about the potential for snow. A day before it even snowed and they were like:


Snow Ice day count in SC: 1 day. One day of snow annoying ice that makes it physically impossible to get relatively anywhere. At all. So while I’m stuck inside with cabin fever, I devised a list of things to do when roughing it outside is less than approachable.

1. Be productive.

“Oh, honey, you didn’t do the reading because we had a snow day? Have fun on my pop quiz,” sincerely, all the teachers who don’t let Mother Nature get in the way of education. In my case, the next time I come back to work or school, they expect me to have completed my assignments and have them ready. So I take out a portion of my time to… *exasperated sigh* yes, complete my homework. I know it may be a little extreme, but I wouldn’t want to fail a class because of a snow day. So don’t let that be an option. Do homework. Thank me later.

2. Read a book.

Books are the best way to spend free time. Especially when the weather is yucky, it can be quite convenient to escape into a well devised story of a fantastic book. Some of my go-to’s include Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling and The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. But it is your choice.

3. Watch a movie.

I will happily admit that on many ice days in the past, I find myself holed up inside watching a movie. Movies are also a fun alternative to books and distract from the disgusting weather. That’s good enough for me.

4. Make a warm pick-me-up.

Herbal tea, hot chocolate, chili, soup. Any of these on a snow day are instant satisfaction. I swear, no one has actually lived properly until they have tried sea salt caramel or peppermint hot chocolate. The weather is being funky, so you should mix up your drink choices as well.

5. Use time to deliberate on what you may need as backup incase power lines freeze over.

I know that up north there is less of a risk of this happening, but down here where y’all and sweet tea is the basis of life, power lines are easily manipulated. Easily. So be positive to have everything needed incase something horrid like that happens: flashlight, blankets, hand warmers, patience, etc. Shall I emphasize the patience?

6. Indoor Exercise

Oh, the horror! Yes, I know and totally agree, but all the chocolate chip cookies I consume (sorry you had to find out this way mom) need to be burned off somehow. I refuse to let the weather stop me. So a treadmill would be practical, but if that is not present in your house, there are plenty of workout videos on YouTube and fitness apps that are free! Free as in no money! So get up and get active! Maybe. I don’t blame you if that’s not your top priority. Just focus on surviving this awful weather. Workout when you are safe.

Well, I’m off to do items 2-4 right now. Hope you have great ice and/or snow days, and be careful out there. It could be dangerous.

Brace yourself

Irony: today is the 151th birthday of Wilbur Scoville, the guy who invented Scoville scale to measure the heat of chillies. It happens to be freezing outside so I guess it’s only proper to spice things up.


So, shout out to Wilbur for being 100000x braver than I am. My dad, whose heat tolerance is drastically higher than mine about anyone’s, can thank him for knowing which peppers to consume on a daily basis.

Fun fact: if you go on Google today, there is an interactive game you can play to help defeat the evil chillies as a lovable triple scoop ice cream ❤







Life is all about making memories. To learn from them, to use them in life, and to share them. Life should remain a healthy balance of looking back and moving forwards.

2015 was another great year in my life. It marked my fourteenth birthday, my first year of high school, and chance to discover new things.

With a new year, change is always present. Transitioning from the past year to the new one brings about a sense of nostalgia and, also, a time to set new goals to look forward to.

So I devised a foolproof plan to make sure I do the things I love and also incorporate it with things I find more difficult, in order to have balance.

Meet JANUARY, my helpful acronym for the month:


Jesus take the wheel

Yes, I am a Christian, and it’s okay if you aren’t. You’re still welcome on my page anytime. I am making a choice to commit more to God and his decisions for my life. I feel as if the concept matters more to me now than it did when I was younger. Now I am actually able to accept Christianity for myself, and not just the religion my parents follow.


school is like,.gif

Ah, school. Especially high school. The constant torture of *shudder* learning. I honestly wouldn’t mind so much, if I was actually learning helpful life values instead of trying to comprehend why or how an acute angle is going to help me establish a source of income. However, and rather ironically, I have a lot to thank school for. Because of school, I am actually somewhat social and have the chance to see my friends on a weekly basis. I also have the chance to improve in my writing skills, which I have no problem learning about at all. As you can see, I am quite biased. Math is just an uphill battle for me, folks.


looook around

Oh my gosh it’s a tree. I haven’t been outside this year as much as I want to, but I am going to change that! As I re-read this, I thought I said I haven’t been outside at all this year… awkward. *Awkwardly shuffles away* *returns sheepishly.* I remembered I haven’t finished quite yet.


pink fluffy unicorn

Gotcha! Actually, it is my dream to have a unicorn. But mom and dad, a horse can suffice for now 😉 And this gif is my all time favorite thing ever.




I have an unhealthy obsession with the fine arts (art, dance, drama, music), but I haven’t been doing it as much as I’d like to. I am participating in my school’s musical, so a lot of singing, and I am also going to be dancing more frequently. As for the art, I think my absentminded doodling  during class will be enough.



Books books books books books! Books are the best. Don’t even try to convince me otherwise. And if you’re anti-books, please, don’t let me know it. For your sake. If you simply have an issue with reading, who says you have to? You can always just listen. Even I have been getting into audio books (shocker), which happen to be one of the best things after hardback books. But I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to go just audio. Handheld books are just so lovely. ❤



You only live once! The funniest part is that you thought I was above this 🙂

Don’t worry, I am. I actually am planning on some relaxing Yoga sessions — you know, getting in touch with my inner zen. It seems to de-stress me in a fun way and I can also gain some flexibility! Now I call that a win win.

So, that’s my crazy to-do list! Look out for FEBRUARY which will be coming soon. Do you have any to do lists? Or a fun way of keeping up to date with them? Personally I am such a non-committed person when it comes to a schedule, I’m trying to fix that. Anyways, thank you so much for reading, and have a great day!



P.S. To see more of my adventures, follow me on Instagram @taylor.boswell or Twitter @TaylorSBoswell

2016: New Year, New Goals

I was nine when I started blogging. I wrote a handful of stories about things only I would want read about.

My writing recently resurfaced a few weeks ago, coincidentally when I was debating on what my New Year resolutions were going to be. Unlike my futile resolution to run more often, (hey coach, please don’t hate me) I decided to put forth effort into blogging.

The writing was rough for me to read, because I figured out my grammar was actually awful, but I had to remind myself that I was young and made a lot of mistakes. However, I realized that no matter my grammar, I felt drawn to writing, and how easily it is for me to simply communicate my feelings. So I did. And I started to write again.

Another source that motivated me to start blogging again are my parents. They both really wanted me to start writing online, so with their help, I finally did!

My mom has this really marvelous blog that she does, and it is really incredible to see how much dedication she puts into it. However, it also showed me that a lot of effort and time has to go into a blog to make it great.

My dad is, hands down, the most avid computer geek I have ever met, but it’s actually quite a blessing because he improves all the tech around the house. He especially helped me renovate and edit the site. 

So thanks to my parents, my biggest supporters, because without their help, I would not be blogging. And thanks to anyone who reads my posts, I appreciate it!

Until the next time,



So far friends have a big role in my life. I have my friends who live right next door to me, others I see by going to church, and most of my friends I see at school. But what amazes my mom and dad is that I have adult and teen friends. It’s not hard at all to make new friends, including adults (unless it’s your mom on a bad day) and bonus if you’re friendly. And sometimes you can make new friends just by writing a letter. Right now I’m a pen pal with girl named Elizabeth Ahavior from Ghana.

To the left are all my neighborhood friends enjoying snow in February 2011. I also have a friend (Zachary Kushabar) who was so inspired by my blog, he made one of his own!

So to all my friends, family , and the rest of the world (if you’re reading this), may the Peace of Christ be with you.


A Sibling’s Guide to being the Bigger Person

My Brother & me
Enjoying a quiet moment with my brother

Look, I didn’t want a sibling – not to mention a younger one! But I got one anyway. Why? It was GOD’s plan for me. It might be for you too. Most kids my age think a sibling is a p-a-i-n, and at times, I agree. But think of everybody who wants a sibling but didn’t get one. For them, loneliness. I mean a pet and cousins are one thing but no one to talk to, or amuse each other on road trips, so, consider your sibling, younger  or older than you a blessing from the LORD.

My little brother can be uncontrollable at times – kicking, punching, etc. – but he’s willing to forgive me. At times I wonder – do I really deserve this brother — good times and bad?

Being the older kid is a hard job, even at an older age. Sometimes, I just want to throw my brother out a window, into a tree, he CAN BE SOOO ANNOYING!

But then I pray to GOD and ask Him to help me and tell Him how frustrated I am. He hears me.

Sometimes he lets events in my life fold out, other times, choppy and uneven events happen that cause me to wonder: GOD do you hear me? But he always does, no matter what. He hears you so talk to him, tell Him what’s on your mind. You can always rely on GOD.

With Him, anything is possible.

Music to My Ears

“No Rose, you’re playing the wrong note” said Mrs .Heidi on a chilly afternoon.Rose scowled .If only she could play the clarinet as well as Alison or her sisters, Jordan and Chelsie.After her clarinet lesson,Rose helped her mom rake up leaves  to clean their patio.”Oh” said Rose,picking up a pretty burnette leaf”how pretty”. Mrs.Delano nodded her head and smiled.”How about this one?”Rose said .”Very  cute”Mrs. Delano agreed,holding a golden  leaf up to her eyes.”It’s like us”Mrs.Delano commented .”What?” Rose asked ,completely bewildered .”Well, we all are different shapes,sizes,and very different talents” explained Mrs.Delano”but that dosen’t mean  God won’t pay any attention to us, whatever we do, we’re all music to God’s ears .”